One of the things that I enjoy about the development and Open Data scene is the willingness to share knowledge and experiences at conferences and meetups. In the last couple of years I have given some talks at those gatherings. This page collects the topics I spoke about. It should give you an insight into what I find interesting and allow me to remember all the things I presented.


Lightning Talks

I have also given some Lightning Talks. Most of them at Berlin Hack and Tell which is a fun meetup where everyone is invited to demo their silly ideas that don't find a place at any other meetup.

I also usually present the work that we do at the Open Knowledge Lab Berlin once a month at our meetup. The presentation gives a general overview about the background of open data, its applications and the work that we in Berlin and the whole codefor.de community is doing with it. If this sounds interesting to you, you should totally come by.